Below are articles that may interest you and be relevant to upcoming seminars.


A Big Win for the LGBT Community and Why it Matters to Cannabis Companies
Megan Vaniman of Harris Bricken, a speaker for this year's Business of Marijuana in Oregon seminar, writes this article addressing the current presidential administration's hostility toward two substantial communities, and how each overlap and continue to support eachother. Read the full article on the Canna Law Group's news page. 3/27/2018


One Year Later: Trump Administration Continues Regulation Cuts
Program co-chair of the upcoming Labor & Employment Law in Oregon, Richard R. Meneghellow is quoted in the fallowing article "...Richard R. Meneghello, a partner with Fisher Phillips L.L.P. in Portland, Oregon, also pointed to state equal pay legislation. 'I don’t think many people are counting on the federal government to do much in the pay equity realm. I think that they’re looking for the states to do that...'” Read the full article on 2/26/2018

Los Angeles Appoints it's Very First Executive Director of Cannabis Regulation
Last month, Mayor Eric Garcetti chose Cat Packer to be executive director of the department of cannabis regulation, Los Angeles, California. This is a brand new position is designed to help sculpt and maintain cannabis regulation going forward. No one is more prepared for this position than Packer, read the full article about her plans to shape cannabis regulation on the LA Times news website. Packer will be speaking at the upcoming Medical and Recreational Marijuana conference being held by The Seminar Group on March 29th & 30th in Santa Monica. 2/14/2018

“State of MARTA” Address Announces Sweeping Changes to Atlanta Transit
On Jan. 5, press gathered for the 2018 “State of MARTA” address, where changes and updates were announced. These changes are the beginning of expansions to the MARTA network Atlanta residents voted for in November 2016. Details on the contract will be released within the coming six months, according to MARTA board chairman Robbie Ashe, but he said the project is expected to be worth nearly $1 billion. Big projects like this will be the focus of this year's Insurance in the Construction Industry seminar coming up on March 22 & 23, don't miss it! Read the full article on the "State of MARTA" on The Signal, the indipendant student news paper of Georgia State. 2/5/2018



2018 brings Optimism and Continued Supply Concerns

Pacific Northwest Timberlands experienced a successful year in 2017 despite raging wildfires and attempts by the new administration to slash environmental spending. But will 2018 prove as prosperous? Optimism is not unwarranted as housing is expected to finally sustain a 1.3 million unit pace next year as household finances continue to firm. However, uncertainty over the extent to which bilateral trade agreements will stifle Canadian lumber supply, coupled with tax changes and a rise in OSB restarts, will likely lead to another year of cautious inventory buying. These issues and more will be discussed at the upcoming Pacific Northwest Timberlands Managment conference on March 15 & 16. Read full article on the BPD Merchant news site. 2/1/2018




Oakland Man Offers to Sell Home for Cryptocurency
Of the nearly 400 homes and properties listed for sale on, 15 of them are in California. Seller Alec Wang of Oakland CA was suprised at the amount of responses he received from out of area regarding his house listed for sale on this cryptocurency website. Many of the interested parties knew very little about the Oakland area, and were most compelled to contact Wang out of sheer excitement over the offering for cryptocurency. Anticipation is growing around the use of public token offerings which will be the main topic of our upcoming Blockchain Technology and Token Offerings: Back to the Future program being held at the end of May in Palo Alto, CA. Read the full article about the Oakland home seller on The Mercury News website. 1/30/2018

Seattle Startup Hopes to Address Housing Crunch
Former Amazon CEO, Aaron Holm started Blokable as a way to produce affordable and economic housing options to the growing population facing housing insecurity. The small structures manufactured in Vancouver, WA are built with a steel frame capable of withstanding earthquakes and the simple interior design is widely customizable. The company itself is responsible for the permitting process, which in the past has been a huge hassel for prospective home builders. Holm will be presenting his ideas at the Oregon & Southwest Washington's Housing Crisis seminar on February 16th. Read the full atricle on the Q13 Fox News website. 1/25/2018

Tukwila Businesses Want Compensation For Eminent Domain Move
Over two dozen Tukwila businesses are being forced to relocate in order to make space for public safety stations. Questions arise regarding compensation for the move, and some business owners fear they will not get their money back. This issue will be discussed at the 8th Annual Eminent Domain in Washington seminar, being held at the WAC on Friday, May 18th 2018. Read full article on the King 5 news website 1/22/2018