Construction Project Scheduling & Delay Claims

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 - LIVE WEBCAST broadcast from Miami, FL


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FL CLER: 7.5 Credits
FL Engineers: 7.5 CEHs

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Topics covered

Construction, Contracts, Litigation, Public Works

Who Should attend

Architects, Attorneys, Contractors, Engineers, Government Employees, Municipal Employees
Seminar Overview

As the construction industry continues to expand in 2020, the fundamentals of Project Management can be lost in the rush to grab a larger share of available work. At the core of project management is assuring timely completion of the work which can only be accomplished through proper planning and scheduling. Even when proper planning is implemented, the unforeseeable occurs and disrupts performance. Proper project management then requires an understanding of how to pursue and defend against time-related claims.

The Seminar Group has assembled a premier group of construction professionals who are leaders in their respective fields and ready to give you the benefit of their years’ experience. Our expert speakers will address the most challenging issues that arise in managing project schedules and delays and will present cutting-edge techniques for documenting, analyzing, and presenting project schedule delay events, providing guidance on how to avoid, negotiate, and resolve these disputes.